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Changes to senior FOS personnel
since arrival of Natalie Ceeney as Chief Executive

Most recent changes at the bottom
(list may not be complete, dates may be approximate)
  • Walter Merricks, Chief Ombudsman resigned 2009, replaced early in 2010 by Natalie Ceeney CBE

  • Natalie Ceeney CBE,  Chief Ombudsman and Chief Executive
    Picture (whilst at National Archives)
    Biography of Natalie Ceeney, New Chief Ombudsman  Very interesting, but stops some time ago unfortunately

    Video of Natalie Ceeney introducing FOS on Youtube
  • Michael Barnes CBE, Independent Assessor retired May 2010,
    replaced by Linda Costelloe Baker OBE

  • Ray Hewlett, Operations Director steps down Summer 2010
    replaced by Simon Rouse
    who left in Autumn 2011

  • David Thomas, Corporate Director retires 2011, retirement delayed ?
    some duties may go to the new Director of Finance and Performance

  • Julia Cavanagh, Director of Finance and Performance,
    finally appointed, Stuart Curl, interim post holder leaves

  • Mark Gee, Chief Technology Officer

  • Peter Stansfield, HR Director left in May,
    replaced by J
    acquie Wiggett, now Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development

  • Ray Neighbour was Service Review Manager, now listed as an Ombudsman, service review team abolished

  • Non-exec directors appointed Jan 2011
    Janet Gaymer DBE QC (HON)   Lawyer
    Alan Jenkins  Lawyer
    Pat Stafford  Marketing background

  • Public Affairs Manager to be recruited, no details

  • Gemma Richardson, Head of customer experience and quality, appointed she held a similar post at National Archives where Natalie was also in charge
  • Roger Gough, Head of operational planning, recruiting Mar 2011, appointed.

  • Operational strategy manager, recruiting Mar 2011, no further information

  • Barbara Cheney, company secretary, left July 2011. No replacement recruited, job later went to Julia Cavanagh

  • Julia Cavanagh appointed interim company secretary, Summer 2011

  • Jane Hingston now lead ombudsman – casework policy for banking, credit and mortgages

  • Caroline Mitchell now lead ombudsman – casework policy for insurance and investment

  • David Bird now managing-ombudsman, investment and pensions

  • David Millington now managing-ombudsman, banking, credit and mortgages

  • Richard Thompson now managing-ombudsman, payment protection insurance (PPI)

  • Richard West now managing-ombudsman, rules and jurisdiction

  • Sue Wrigley now managing-ombudsman, insurance

  • Yvette Bannister now Head of Public Law and Legal

  • New Ombudsmen appointed, Jul 2011
    Hilary Bainbridge, Cathy Bovan, Heather Clayton, Michael Crewe, Kim Parsons, Louise Povey ,Roslyn Rawson, Nicole Smith

  • Oct 2011 Gwyn Burr, appointed non-executive director, Sainsburys director,

  • Nov 2011 Simon Rouse Operations Director leaves after 16months to become Director, Bancassurance at Santander

  • Nov 2011 Roger Gough Head of operational planning name removed from senior operational team, post no longer listed

  • Nov 2011 Sir Nicholas Montague appointed FOS Chairman from Jan 2012

  • Nov 2011 David Thomas, Once Corporate Director, then Principal Ombudsman, also interim Chief Ombudsman, now Lead Ombudsman seems to have delayed his retirement which was planned for 2011

  • Autumn 2011 Julia Cavanagh, Director of Finance and Performance, appointed Company Secretary as well when board fails to recruit new Company Secretary

  • Dec 2012 Chris McDermott appointed Interim Operations Director for 1 year only

  • Feb 2012 Chris McDermott, Operations director, was interim operations director

  • Feb 2012 Ian Algie, Head of operational design, post no longer listed

  • Feb 2012 Garry Wilkinson, Deputy operations director, was head of casework operations

  • Feb 2012 Tim Archer, Head of casework operations, was in the casework operations team

  • Feb 2012 Nathan Horner, Head of casework operations, was in the casework operations team

  • Feb 2012 Patrick Hurley, Head of casework operations, was in the casework operations team

  • Feb 2012 Heather Cunliffe, joins casework operations team

  • Feb 2012 Neil Perry, joins casework operations team

  • Feb 2012 Emma Parker, Head of media and customer research, title change ?

  • Feb 2012 Tracy Campbell, Head of property and operations support, was head of operations support

  • Feb 2012 Mike Harris, Head of strategy analysis, was head of planning and analysis

  • Feb 2012 David Weaver, Head of procurement, interim head of procurement replaces Helen Booth

  • Feb 2012 Melanie Wheeler, Head of business planning and performance

  • Feb 2012 Kelly Thompson, was Head of HR operations, post no longer listed

  • Feb 2012 Margaret Wrightson, Head of organisational development, post no longer listed

  • Feb 2012 Sir Nicholas Montague is now Chairman of FOS

  • Feb 2012 New Ombudsmen appointed
    Nicolas Atkinson, Charles Bacon, Simon Begley, Francesca Del Mese, Susan Ewins, Ray Lawley, Keith Taylor

  • Feb 2012 Alison Hoyland, was head of chief executive's office is now
    head of chief executive's office and board secretary and on the senior management team

  • Mar 2012 Mark Creedon appointed FOS financial controller

  • Feb 2012 Kate Lampard leaves appointment as non-exec director

  • Mar 2012 Yvette Bannister now managing ombudsman public law and legal

  • Mar 2012 37 new ombudsmen appointed.
    Claire Allison, Sabeena Asad, Timothy Bailey, Clair Bantin ,Jim Biles ,Emma Boothroyd ,Roxy Boyce, Colin Brown, Michael Cann, Julia Chittenden, Peter Cook ,Katie Doran, Paul Featherstone, Andrew Fraser, Christopher Gilbert, Joyce Gordon, Kate Hennessey, Richard Hill, Garry Hunter, Rosemary Lloyd, Richard Lowe, Alexander MacDonald, Michael McMahon, Roy Mawford, David Mulholland, Charles Park, Nimish Patel,Sue Peters, David Poley, Nigel Pope, Mark Richardson, Nicola Sisk, Michael Stubbs, Niall Taylor, Steve Townsley, Amanda Williams, Catherine Wolthuizen,

  • Mar 2012 Alison James joins casework operations senior team

  • Apr 2012 Annette Lovell now managing-ombudsman, policy and knowledge management

  • May 2012 Peter Parry no longer listed in the casework operations senior team

  • May 2012 Lex Jones and Martyn Tomkins join casework operations senior team

  • May 2012 some ombudsmen names originally appointed in March now changed to May

  • Jul 2012 Dean harwood joins casework operations senior team

  • Jul 2012 Sarah Lee appointed head of recruitment

  • Jul 2012 Timothy Bailey, James Park, Steve Townsley appointed ombudsmen (now shown as July appointments)

  • Aug 2012 Rachel Bell, Stephen Dickie, Des Gaffney, Ashley Hart, Sandra Robson-Clark join casework operations senior team

  • Aug 2012 Martyn James replaces Emma Parker as head of media
                   Caroline Wells
    new title now head of outreach (no longer external liason)

  • Aug 2012 Marcus Brissenden appointed financial controller

  • Sept 2012 John Quinlan, Clair Bantin, Garry Hunter, Andrew Macnamara, Helen Moye, Athena Pavlou, Charles Sweet now ombudsmen

  • Sept 2012 Emma Parker who was head of media and customer research is now deputy communications director (special projects)

  • Sept 2012 Tony Boorman was Principal Ombudsman and Decisions Director, now Deputy Chief Ombudsman and Deputy Chief Executive

  • Sept 2012 Annette Lovell, Richard Thompson and Richard West now Lead Ombudsmen, used to be Managing Ombudsmen

  • Oct 2012 Steve Thomas now an Ombudsmen, used to be Head of Casework Teams

  • Oct 2012 Sarah Lee no longer Head of Recruitment (no dirct replacement shown)

  • Nov 2012 Ben Castell, Ilana Eisner join casework operations senior team

  • Nov 2012 Nigel Cates, Ashley More, John Pattinson appointed ombudsmen

  • Jan 2013 Neil Perry now head of casework teams

  • Jan 2013 Paul Fleming, now head of operational performance
  • Jan 2013 Dianne Lawson appointed ombudsman

  • Jan 2013 Carole Aucherlonie, Laura Colman, Mark Hollands, Chantelle Hurn, Laura Layfield, Daniel Little, appointed ombudsman

  • Feb 2013 Nicole Lyons name appears on the Ombudsmans list though she was appointed in 2011 (Name change ?)

  • Mar 2013 Liz Brackley appointed director of strategic service development

  • Mar 2013 Garry Wilkinson ex deputy operations director appointed director PPI operations

  • Mar 2013 many changes to jobs and titles
    Annette Lovell
    appointed lead ombudsman – policy and knowledge
    was lead ombudsman – major casework policy

    David Millington
    appointed lead ombudsman – service and operations
    was managing-ombudsman, banking, credit and mortgages

    Caroline Mitchell
    appointed lead ombudsman – insurance, investment and mortgages
    was lead ombudsman – casework policy for insurance and investment

    David Thomas
    appointed lead ombudsman – strategy
    was lead ombudsman

    Richard West
    appointed lead ombudsman – banking & credit and rules & jurisdiction
    was lead ombudsman – rules and jurisdiction

    Yvette Bannister
    appointed lead ombudsman – public law and legal
    was managing-ombudsman, public law and legal

    Sue Wrigley
    appointed managing-ombudsman – payment protection insurance (PPI)
    was managing-ombudsman, insurance and investment

    Charlie Sweeney
    appointed managing-ombudsman – payment protection insurance (PPI)

    David Bird and Jane Hingston
    revert to ombudsman

  • Mar/Apr 2013 Douglas Sayers, Nicole Lyons, Liz Forbes, Paul Reilly, Susie Alegra appointed ombudsman

  • Apr/May 2013 Emma Ali-Noor, Carole Clarke, Jan Ferrari, Christopher Glyn-Thomas, Carolyn Harwood, Eimear McAllister, Robyn McNamee, appointed ombudsman

  • May 2013 Michelle Aldous, Mark Anderson, Jack Bland,Sian Brightey, Barbara Claypole, Simon Coe, Jackie Collins, Lorraine Cooper, Michael Dalston, Colin Hemmaway, Jacquie Hutchins, Lex Jones, Linda McInerney, David McQueen, Karen Noble, Peter Parry join casework operations senior team
    Neil Perry
    no longer shown as head of casework operations

  • May 2013 Richard Goodman appointed policy director

  • May 2013 Rod Glyn-Thomas appointed ombudsman

  • Jun 2013 Richard West, lead ombudsman (rules and jurisdiction)
    Clare Wilson, head of legal practice

  • Jul 2013 Geraldine O’Donnell, Helen Moye, Paul Moulder, Andrew McQueen, Claire Jackson, Juliet Collins, Gemma Bowen, Angela Black, Paul Bishop, Andrw Davies, Tina Fahm, Christine Fraser, Lâle Hussein-Doru, Marc Lancod, Daniel Lucas, appointed ombudsmen

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